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Dreamtime Mentors Indigenous Corporation
We have a vision of unifying the old with the new, and are providing a learning platform for all living things to benefit from.  We believe we can create and maintain a truly peaceful and sustainable society on the one earth we inhabit.  Please Join us. :)
  1. Mentoring for Youth & All Ages
    Mentoring for Youth & All Ages
    We provide a mentoring service open for all people in the community no matter age, religion, culture, preference or situation. Book in a session or have a chat.
  2. Sustainability at Home & Work
    Sustainability at Home & Work
    We provide learning and consultation services on sustainable living/working options for domestic and commercial applications. Water/power/waste & more.
  3. Ethical Products & Services
    Ethical Products & Services
    We promote and make available ethical & sustainable products and services to the local community. Browse the site or contact us for more information.
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We operate as a Not-For-Profit Community Organisation, offering services to benefit the community and environment.  Every donation goes towards helping  us make our vision a reality.

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